Mickey Mouse Cartoon Credits 1928-1995

Mickey & Steamboat Willy 1928

1928 "Steamboat Willie" "The Gallopin'Gaucho" "Plane Crazy" "The Barn Dance"

1929 "The Opry House" "When the Cat's Away"  "The Barnyard Battle" "The Plow Boy" "The Karnival Kid" "Mickey's Follies " "Mickey's Choo-Choo " "The Jazz Fool" "Jungle Rhythm" "The Haunted House "
"Wild Waves"

1930 "Just Mickey" "The Barnyard Concert" "The Cactus Kid " "The Fire Fighters" "The Shindig "
The Chain Gang" "The Gorilla Mystery" "The Picnic " "Pioneer Days"

1931 "The Birthday Party" "Traffic Troubles" "The Castaway" "The Moose Hunt" "The Delivery Boy"
"Mickey Steps Out" "Blue Rhythm" "Fishin' Around" "The Barnyard Broadcast" "The Beach Party "
"Mickey Cuts Up" "Mickey's Orphans"

1932 "The Duck Hunt" "The Grocery Boy" "The Mad Dog" "Barnyard Olympics" "Mickey's Revue"
"Musical Farmer" "Mickey in Arabia" "Mickey's Nightmare" "Trader Mickey" "The Whoopee Party"
"Touchdown Mickey" "The Wayward Canary" "The Klondike Kid" "Mickey's Good Deed"

1933 "Building a Building" "The Mad Doctor" "Mickey's Pal Pluto" "Mickey's Mellerdrammer" "Ye Olden Days"
"The Mail Pilot" "Mickey's Mechanical Man" "Mickey's Gala Premiere" "Puppy Love " "The Steeple Chase "
"The Pet Store" "Giantland"

1934 "Shanghaied " "Camping Out" 'Playful Pluto" "Gulliver Mickey" "Mickey's Steam Roller"
"Orphan's Benefit" "Mickey Plays Papa" "The Dognapper"
"Two-Gun Mickey"

1935 "Mickey's Man Friday" "The Band Concert" "Mickey's Service Station" "Mickey's Kangaroo"
"Mickey's Garden" "Mickey's Fire Brigade" "Pluto's Judgment Day" "On Ice"
 "Mickey's Polo Team"

1936 "Orphans' Picnic" "Mickey's Grand Opera" "Thru the Mirror" "Mickey's Rival" "Moving Day"
 "Alpine Climbers" "Mickey's Circus"
 "Mickey's Elephant"

1937 "The Worm Turns" "Magician Mickey" "Moose Hunters" "Mickey's Amateurs""Hawaiian Holiday"
 "Clock Cleaners" "Lonesome Ghosts"

1938  "Boat Builders"  "Mickey's Trailer" "The Whalers" "Mickey's Parrot""Brave Little Tailor"

1939 "Society Dog Show " C The Pointer"

1940 "Tugboat Mickey" "Pluto's Dream House" "Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip" "Sorcerer's Apprentice"

1941 "The Little Whirlwind" "The Nifty Nineties" "Lend a Paw" "Orphans' Benefit" (remake)

1942 "Mickey's Birthday Party" "Symphony Hour"

1947 "Mickey's Delayed Date" "Mickey and the Beanstalk "

1948 "Mickey Down Under" "Mickey and the Seal"

1951 "Plutopia" "R'coon Dawg"

1952  "Pluto's Party"  "Pluto's Christmas Tree"

1953 "The Simple Things"

1983  "Mickey's Christmas Carol"

1983 "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

1990 "The Prince and the Pauper"

1995 "A Goofy Movie" "Runaway Brain"