DisneyDreamer.com Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of each and every user and we will never sell, lease or rent any personal data to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

General Information
Like most websites on the Internet, we collect and store all of the information that your web browser sends when it requests a web page, including:


The name, domain, and numerical internet address of the "host" computer from which you access the Internet.


The date and time you accessed our site


The page you requested from our site.


The information your web browser software sends as its so-called "User Agent," which typically identifies the browser software.*

DisneyDreamer.com is a non-for profit, non commercial website whose primary focus is providing truthful accurate content. Our  web reports tell us that our biggest demographic in traffic is academic related, at all levels. Our goal is not to sell you products, but to provide you quality content. Any information ever collectived is strictly used to serve you, the visitor, better and provide helpful relevant information.

*It is impossible to determine the actual identity of an individual user from this information.


When you send us e-mail (that is, in a message containing a question or comment, or by filling out a form that e-mails us this information), we use it to respond to your requests. We do not retain or distribute lists of e-mail addresses to anyone anytime anywhere.  You may have your email address and personal information removed at anytime by clicking here and choosing "Remove" from the pull down menu.


It should be noted, that the nature in which the Internet is constructed, information contained in e-mail sent through any e-mail server is potentially viewable by unwanted third parties. However, DisneyDreamer.com is currently maintained by Providenet.com and has never had anything compromised in over 8 years of being online.



Retention of Information

- Some applications may save a "cookie" on your computer's hard disk to provide a temporary history of actions taken. A common example is the tracking of items placed in an online "shopping basket." We do not retain any record of "cookies" whatsoever.


Links to non-DisneyDreamer.com  sites

Links and pointers to non-DisneyDreamer.com sites are provided for information only and do not constitute endorsement, express or implied, by DisneyDreamer.com, of the referenced organizations, their suitability, content, products, or services, whether they are governmental, educational, or commercial.


Hypertext links and other references to non-DisneyDreamer.com products and services are provided for information only and do not constitute endorsement or warranty, express or implied, by DisneyDreamer.com. 


This privacy policy is updated regularly, please check back as use of this website automatically consents to the privacy policy listed on this page.

Comments and Questions

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