Friday June 2, 2011 Premier Mickey's Soundsational Parade. was there to witness the first run of this new exciting parade!

This is a shot down Main St. as the parade prepares to come straight at us in the Media Section. The sidewalks are lined with people as far as the eye could see.


Just before the parade reached us at the end of Main Street John Addis, senior show director for the Soundsational Parade came out to say a few words.

Then all of a sudden participants planted on both sides of Main Street USA jumped into a quick dance as the first float was not far behind.

The parade started off with a drum line, this was a great idea and set the tone for what was to follow.

Mickey played right into the drum line beat with a full set of drums on top of the float.

Mickey's Soundsational Parade had brilliant colors, it was as if the costumes were plugged in they were so bright. The combinations of colors were stunning.

Chaz Murphy Production Finance Coordinator at The Walt Disney Company looks on as the parade prepares to walk off stage after it's first run. The look on his face showed he was very pleased with the new parade.

The look on his face says it all!

This parade is the best one I have seen except for the original Main Street Electrical Parade. The music combined with the floats, costumes and dancing characters seems like a perfect balance of a fresh new approach to "decorating the park" with a long tradition of parades. I found myself drawn to watch it and amazed how fast it went. It is neither too long or too short. The parade flows naturally and if the players were tired at the very end of the parade they sure didn't let it show. I have never been a big parade fan in my 40 plus years of going to Disneyland, however this one was amazing.

Here is a picture of Main Street after the cast members took the rope down. Recession?? You would never know it looking at this shot. Mickey's Soundsational Parade has brought the show at Disneyland up a notch no question about it. The music was well planned and as the different scenes of the parade played out, the music was woven together and timed just right. This parade hits on all cylinders from beginning to end.


Fun Facts: ‘Mickey’s Soundsational Parade’


ANAHEIM, Calif. – Mickey Mouse will lead a bevy of Disney characters on a musical journey that has a whole new beat this summer. “Mickey’s Soundsational Parade” debuts May 27 at Disneyland park, expressing the timeless tales of Disney music in a variety of rhythms and styles.













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