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One of the greatest dreamers of our time was Walt Disney. Did you know he created the first sound cartoon, the first all-color cartoon, and the first animated feature length motion picture? Not only was he not afraid to dream, he was not afraid to walk those dreams into reality.

A tribute to Walt Disney, the greatest dreamer of modern time. One stop for all your Walt Disney History and Disneyland Resort Updates.



DisneyDreamer.com was at the Disney's California Adventure Reopening- Media Event June 13th 2012.




DisneyDreamer.com was in Anaheim at the Disneyland Resort Media Event  "Soundsational Summer" June 2nd & 3rd 2011

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Opening Ceremony The Little Mermaid -Ariel's Undersea Adventure.

Premier of Mickey's Soundsational Parade.

Opening Ceremony Star Tours- The Adventures Continue.


Disneyland Hotel New Pool, Dining Locations!


Check back out this video on the making of The Little Mermaid -Ariel's Undersea Adventure!!


Walt Disney Quotes

Walt Disney Quotes "If you can dream it, you can do it"



 Walt Disney's Princess and the Frog!
Princess and the Frog! A new exclusive DisneyDreamer.com interview with Mr. Bill Waldman one of the animators of this new exciting Disney Full Length Feature! New!

Walt Disney Tribute Video Special DisneyDreamer.com tribute


Disney in Hawaii!  Click here!  New!


Walt Disney Museum -NOW OPEN SF! Click Here

Walt Disney- I met him!

Read a short encounter with Walt Disney! Click Here to read!!

Disney Trivia Quiz!

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Walt Disney Quotes

Walt Disney Quotes "If you can dream it, you can do it"


Disney History

Think you know your Disney Trivia? Click Here to find out! New!


Disneyland Legendary Golden Horseshoe Performer

Dana Daniels


Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Company- Annual Report 2010 Click here! Lots of great plans in the works!

Toy Story Mania & Carland-coming to DCA!!


Disney's "Enchanted"2007 Holiday Release

Walt Disney Museum Coming to San Francisco!

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Walt Disney Biography

Students & Disney Researchers no need to email us for Walt Disney Information, just click the link below for a 

Complete Detailed Accurate History of Mr. Walter Elias Disney

Part 1 Walt Disney is Born December 5th 1901 in Chicago Illinois

Part 2 Walt Moves to Kansas City in 19I1

Part 3 Summer 1918/ Kansas City Add Company

Part 4 Cartooning & Marriage

Part 5 Lilly and Oswald

Part 6 Mickey Mouse/Children

Part 7 Walt's Mother Dies/Walt Presses On

Part 8 New Studio/Tough Times

Part 9 Academy Awards/Trains/Disneyland

Part 10 Disneyland!

Part 11 Mary Poppins/Walt Disney World

Part 12 The World Loses One of the Greatest Dreamers of Modern Time

Walt Disney

Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient Walt Disney   Did you know Walt was awarded this great honor by the President?

Walt Disney Hometown Museum Marceline, Walt's hometown from 1906-1911 has it's very own museum honoring Walt Disney!

Walt Disney's Wife Lillian Meet Walt's Wife & Daughters!

Walt Disney Autographs-Authentic Guaranteed!

Walt Disney Academy Awards Walt Disney holds the record!

Holiday Desktop Wallpapers Just in time for the Holidays! Courtesy of Frank Anzalone Photography!

Walt Disney Teacher/ Student Section

Study Guide For Teachers

Did Walt have a horrible childhood?
Was Walt dishonorably discharged from the army?
Was Walt a mean boss?
What was Walt's favorite attraction at Disneyland?
How did Walt die?
Was Walt frozen?
How many children did Walt have?
What was the greatest tragedy in Walt's life?
Is it true that Walt testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee? If so, why?
Is it true that Walt couldn't draw?

Walt Disney on Faith

Did you know Walt Disney was named after the families minister Walter Parr? Walt Disney held deep personal beliefs and spoke openly to the author of "Faith is a Star" in 1963 about prayer and church and belief in God.

Walt Disney on Faith, Church, Bible Study, Prayer & God.


Walt Disney Video & Audio Files

Walt Disney Tribute Video Special DisneyDreamer.com tribute New!

Walt Disney's dedication of Disneyland

Walt Disney talks about New Orleans Square Development 

Walt Disney & Mickey "Partners" 360 view of the Hub Disneyland

Walt Disney talks about idea for "Disney World"


Walt Disney Failure Yes he actually failed a time or two!
Walt Disney's Laugh-O-gram   Read about the short lived company on the way to success.

Walt Disney What Did It Take?

Walt Disney's Persistence Led To Mary Poppins

The Lessons Walt Disney Learned Still Apply Today

Walt Disney's Failures Could Inspire Entrepreneurs (Pinocchio)

Walt Disney Is Coming To Town 

Walt Disney's Horror Movie (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)

Mrs. Disney 

Walt Disney Knew How To Get The Word Out


Walt Disney Photos

Walt Disney Photo Gallery   Click here for pictures of Walt Disney!

Matterhorn Model 

Castle Construction 1955

Opening Day Disneyland 1955

Monorail Grand Opening 1959


Walt Disney Misc.

Walt Disney Signed Check to the Republican Party 1959

Walt Disney Testimony Before the House Committee


Walt Disney  & Marceline Missouri 

December 1901 - Walter Elias ("Walt Disney") is born at 1249 Tripp Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, to parents Elias and Flora Disney. Walter is named after Reverend Walter Parr. In 1906 the Disney family moves to Marceline, Missouri.

Marceline, Missouri
Walt Disney's hometown from 1906-1911is a small town in north central Missouri, 6 miles south of US Highway 36 on Missouri Highway 5. The town has long supported the railroad, mining and publishing industries. Marceline's most famous citizen is undoubtedly the great American cartoonist, Walt Disney. Walt moved to the rural area north of Marceline by train from Chicago when Walt Disney was almost five years old. The Disney's sold the farm and moved to Kansas City in 1911. 

In 1938, Walt Disney wrote in a letter to Marceline... "Everything connected with Marceline was a thrill to us... to tell the truth more things of importance happened to me in Marceline than have ever happened since - or are likely to in the future." Main St. USA in Disneyland is modeled after the very real Main St. in Walt's boyhood town of Marceline.

Marceline's Favorite Son A small town honors Walt Disney

Walt Disney Other Dreams

Some projects left behind after his passing















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